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January Inspired Wellness

Happy New Year! We are excited to provide you with some inspiration on your path to more health and happiness as we head into 2018. The goodies in this month’s box were selected to help facilitate those healthy goals and intentions this month and beyond. The January box includes:

Bluebonnet Simply Energy Drink Mix:  Simply Energy is a whole food based blend of herbal extracts, amino acids, and electrolytes to help the body generate a wholesome surge of pure energy. Loaded with beneficial amino acids to enhance blood flow and mental clarity, this is a delicious pick-me-up for your workout or anytime you need a natural energy boost. Are you ready to tackle that 5K or power yoga class? Or maybe you need some mental stimulation to kick your creative juices into gear? Just add water and get ready to power through those physical and mental blocks! There are no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or excess added sugar, and it’s conveniently packaged for busy on-the-go lifestyles.

Remedies to Roll DETOX Essential Oil Blend:  Local Love! Every blend in this essential oil line from Sambuca Modern Apothecary is delightful. Owner and Blender, Kristen Myers uses pure essential oil blends to help counteract the depleting effects of our modern lives. Whether inhaled or applied topically, essential oils can help bring about fundamental changes in physical, mental and emotional well being by triggering, and strengthening, our bodies’ own natural responses. Whether you’re still in detox mode from a bit of holiday overindulgence or you’re just working on everyday environmental detoxification, the Detox blend can help flush toxins, reduce excess fluids and ease hangovers. Blended from juniper, cypress and bay with hints of grapefruit and fir to stimulate lymph and circulation, Detox can also be soothing to varicose veins. Apply to pulse points and breathe deeply to help detox your body and mind.

Tiger’s Eye Gemstone:  Everything is made of energy, and the energy contained in the rocks and crystals formed from the earth can be helpful in attracting those same energies into our lives. Tiger’s Eye is a protective and grounding stone. If you’re feeling uncommitted to new goals, this stone is for you. It facilitates manifestation of the will and anchors change in the physical body. Tiger’s Eye brings out integrity and can help heal issues of self-worth and self-criticism. It assists in accomplishing goals, recognizing inner resources and promoting clarity of intention. Keep this little gem in your purse or pocket when you need some inspiration or clarity for your highest vision of your highest self this year.

We hope these items help inspire you to manifest your greatest desires for the New Year and beyond. More importantly, we hope you’ll give yourself a break if you veer off course. Every day, every moment, and every breath offers a fresh opportunity to begin again. Get Inspired. Be Healthy. Live Well.

January Inspiration

Motivation & Detoxification

Alaffia Fair Trade Shower Gel & Body Lotion:  If one of your goals is to take better care of yourself on all levels, have you considered how well you take care of your skin? Our skin is our biggest organ, and while we often give a lot of thought to how the food we eat affects our body, we often neglect to think about the ingredients we put on our skin. Alaffia uses the best natural ingredients for skin care, evaluating how each ingredient interacts with the product, the person using it, and the environment it comes from. Their mission is to help alleviate poverty and empower communities in West Africa through the Fair Trade of shea butter and other indigenous resources. They believe that our bodies, emotions, and environment are interconnected, and when they are in balance, holistic beauty is achieved. Their products are safe, effective and nourishing for your skin, and you can feel good about how their work and success positively impacts the world. Show your skin some love with these nourishing bath and body favorites.

Inspired Wellness Mini Box
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