November Inspired Wellness

Inspiration for November

Greet the month with Gratitude

Welcome to your monthly dose of Inspired Wellness! This month we thought it was appropriate to include items for this special season of family gatherings and gratitude. The November box includes:

Country Life Papaya Digestive Support: Thanksgiving is right around the corner; the day we give gratitude for the bounty of food we have available, and usually an overindulgence of it! When we eat too much, our digestive system can get overwhelmed. Digestive enzymes are essential to the body’s absorption of food nutrients and can help your body break down food more efficiently. This chewable wafer contains the enzymes papain and protease, naturally found in papaya, and a delicious pineapple-papaya flavor that’s perfect after any meal. Pop some papaya before reaching for those Tums and try to practice mindful eating and gratitude with every bite.

Remedies to Roll GRATEFUL Essential Oil Blend: A delightful essential oil blend and it’s locally made? Yes, please! Sambuca Modern Apothecary is a small, woman owned business based in Wilmington. Owner and Blender, Kristen Myers is a Clinical Herbalist with a concentration in Aromatherapy. Her passion is to make aromatherapy accessible to everyone and empower people to take charge of their own wellness. Kristen is one of my favorite people and the Grateful blend is another favorite that I use almost daily. Blended from sage, patchouli and bergamot with hints of benzoin and ginger grass in a jojoba oil base, it can be used to encourage inner focus and dispel negative energy. It can help to put problems in perspective and assist with letting go. Apply to pulse points and breathe deeply to help let go of holiday stress and welcome in gratitude.

Natural Calm Magnesium Powder: The human body requires magnesium intake every day. Most Americans (70% of women and 80% of men) don’t get the minimum daily requirement of this vital mineral. Insufficient magnesium can cause a wide range of symptoms, including stress, trouble sleeping, low energy, fatigue, constipation, headaches, muscle tension and cramps, anxiety and irritability. This pure form of ionic magnesium citrate can help with all of the above. This tasty drink is part of my night time routine to insure a good night’s sleep and digestive regularity, as well as dealing with everyday stress. When you feel a little irritable or overwhelmed, add some Natural Calm to your life.

Citrine Gemstone: Crystals are another one of my favorite things. Everything is made of energy, and the energy contained in crystals can be helpful in attracting what we need in our life. Citrine is one of the stones of abundance. It’s a powerful cleanser, regenerator and protector and is said to attract wealth, success, prosperity and all good things. It can also raise self-esteem and self-confidence and help smooth group or family discord. It can even help stimulate digestion! Negativity has no place around Citrine. Keep this little gem in your purse or pocket or anywhere else that could use a little extra positive vibration.

We hope these little nuggets of inspiration help you glide through the month with gratitude. If you missed out on this box, be sure to place your order for the December box by November 20th or check our our online store to purchase some of the items individually. The December Inspired Wellness Box will include locally made gifts for yourself or others. Remember to take some time for yourself this month, reflect on all of the abundance in your life, and savor every moment. Get Inspired. Be Grateful. Live Well.

Inspired Wellness

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