The idea for Island Wellness was born in 2011 by founder and owner, Amy Sawyer.  In 2009, Amy considered all to be well.  She and her husband had been living in Carolina Beach for nearly ten years; both had solid, well-paying jobs with benefits; they were able to travel and enjoy life on the island, and were often surrounded by fun activities, family, and friends. A health scare that Thanksgiving redefined what wellness meant.


As Amy recuperated from her ordeal, which included a hospital stay and a month of medical leave from work, she began to discover a new version of wellness. She realized that a high paying job loaded with stress was not healthy.

On March 1, 2012, Amy resigned from her corporate job and set foot on the path to Island Wellness. She opened Island Wellness Market - a health food market geared not only toward providing natural and organic products, but also a forum intended to help educate the community on how to live a more healthy, balanced life. 

After a personally challenging year in 2015, her path led her to yoga practice. She embraced it and enrolled in yoga teacher training with the intention of invoking self-love and deepening her own practice. After experiencing the profound personal and spiritual growth that a regular practice had in her life, she felt called to teach and share yoga with others.

In doing so, Island Wellness has evolved into more than just a shop on Carolina Beach. It's expanded online and beyond its walls into the community. Amy has created a hub for wellness that includes all the quality products you've come to expect as well as the insight, tools, education and workshops to become your best self.